IPMG Healthcare Partnership

New Era of Employee Health Benefits

Innovate your Insurance, Craft your Coverage

Welcome to a new era of employee health benefits, where innovation meets care. IPMG proudly presents an enhanced partnership that is set to redefine healthcare for Chicagoland businesses and their valued workforce. We are thrilled to introduce our collaboration with leading providers in premier healthcare solutions. These strategic alliances amplify our existing program and bring many advantages for both employers and employees.

Seize this moment to embrace a partnership that offers exceptional healthcare and promises a secure journey toward success. With IPMG and our esteemed partners, we’re here to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Why Choose IPMG for a Partnership?

Complete Provider Networks

Our partnership empowers us to offer an extensive dual-option provider network plan. Encompassing a remarkable 75% of Chicagoland providers and facilities, employees gain the unprecedented freedom to choose a network.

Enhanced Cost Improvements

Via direct carrier contracts, the IPMG Healthcare Partnership has shown to save up to 50% on claim costs as compared to other options in the region.

Stability and Flexibility

IPMG’s dedication to long-term stability shines through with year-over-year pricing consistency, with historical annual increases averaging under 3%. Paired with our flexible service plans, this stability ensures budget predictability while accommodating needs.

Key Highlights

For Employees

  • Dual-option network plan covering 75% of Chicagoland providers.
  • Choice to pick suitable network
  • Out-of-network care option available.
  • Bilingual care navigation, Uber Health for transport.
  • Substantial diabetic drug cost aid.

  • Reduction of out-of-pocket costs.

For Employers

  • Access to top Chicago networks.
  • Up to 50% lower contracted rates.
  • Detailed data for control, informed choices.
  • Historical annual increases of less than 3%.

  • Flexible plans, accountable service providers.
  • Stand out as Employer of Choice with exceptional benefits.

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