IPMG risk management services

Risk Management Services

The world is not getting any easier or safer for organizations and public entities to operate. IPMG Risk Management Services offer a wealth of resources and field support to help our clients navigate these challenging times.

Our risk management services are designed to make a comprehensive assessment of our client’s potential risks. From there, we’ll work with you to develop the proactive policies and procedures they need. IPMG has the resources and experience to successfully manage the implementation, training, and long-term planning necessary to bring about meaningful and sustainable results.

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Our Risk Management Services

Workers’ Compensation

Our team of specialists will help clients navigate the complex workers’ compensation process and find the right employee safety solution. The RMS triad service model is an effective method for prevention and response in workers’ compensation interests.

Liability and Regulatory Training

Our team has web-based training, classroom, and virtual training resources, and services in areas of high liability designed to educate and empower your employees and leadership teams with the training they need.

Leadership Development and Support

Our team of liability specialists administers and prescribes training for managers and supervisors in areas of liability, safety, and insurance management.

Hiring and Employment Practices

Our team has the experience to create comprehensive hiring and employment procedures that help manage liability and insurance costs.


Our Risk Management experts have extensive experience handling high-risk liability clients and their most sensitive insurance needs. We’ll work side by side with you to design, develop and execute services to successfully shape your liability and litigation management.

Our experts are well-versed in everything from workers’ compensation to liability and regulatory training. Our breadth of experience helps us easily work within almost every sector, especially public entity risk management.

Pre-Incident Prevention

Our experts will assess your current environment to create proactive policies and procedures, reducing the likelihood of dangerous incidents before they happen.

Post-Incident Response

Here, our team will work with you on damage control for your current claims or risk incidents to minimize the fallout, navigate the claims process and get your employees well again.

IPMG’s Risk Management Services develop insurance and liability management programs with our Triad model:

  • Surveillance: You can count on our team to monitor your company for potential risks on the horizon.
  • Policy: Our team is well-versed in building proactive policies and procedures for your specific needs.
  • Training: From training documents to policy development tools, our team empowers your employees and leadership to implement and enforce policies successfully.

Meet The Risk Management Team

Brian DevlinVice President of Risk Management Services
Brian moved to alternative risk insurance in 2004 with responsibilities for program development, local agent development, and risk management service design and delivery to the industries of healthcare, and local public entity insurance. Brian manages the risk management program for a large public entity pool in IL and is a keynote speaker to national & state associations in the fields of public entity and healthcare risk management.
Mark Be
Mark BellPublic Entity Team Director
In 2012, Mark started with IPMG as a risk management consultant, working with Illinois public entities that are part of a large and growing Illinois public entity insurance pool administered by IPMG, the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust, or ICRMT. In 2020 Mark was promoted to the Public Entity Team Director role, responsible for overseeing daily operations of the risk management term servicing ICRMT members. Mark is also responsible for and involved in the ongoing and evolving development, delivery, and focus of risk management programs, resources, and services for IPMG.

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