Wholesale Brokerage

Top Carriers for Your Toughest Workers’ Compensation Risks

At IPMG, we specialize in wholesale brokerage services, providing solutions for your hard-to-write workers’ compensation risks. Our experienced team of underwriters and brokers combine industry knowledge, market insights, and personalized service to deliver insurance solutions that meet the needs of retail agents.

Why Choose IPMG Wholesale Brokerage?

Efficient & Streamlined Process

We understand the importance of efficiency and timely service. Our dedicated team utilizes advanced technology and streamlined processes to deliver fast and accurate underwriting decisions, seamless policy issuance, and responsive wholesale brokerage services.

Wide-Range Carrier Selection

Independent agents can rely on IPMG as a committed brokerage partner equipped with an extensive network of carriers. This enables our team to provide competitive pricing that may not be accessible elsewhere. No matter if our client’s company is considered high-risk, we have the capability to assist in securing a suitable placement.


With deep industry knowledge and extensive market relationships, our team stays ahead of emerging trends and developments. We leverage our industry knowledge to identify opportunities, negotiate favorable terms, and deliver comprehensive coverage solutions that address your unique risks.

Our Wholesale Brokerage Services

High Mods

Policy Lapse

New or No Prior Coverage

Small to Large Premiums

Ready to Expand Your Market Options?

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