nurse case management services

Nurse Case Management Services

As an employer, a clinical understanding of the nature and extent of an employee’s injury or illness is invaluable. By utilizing nurse case management services, IPMG helps you identify the services and resources needed to meet the comprehensive health needs of the employee and promote quality, cost-effective outcomes.

Service Highlights

Full Case Management

Leave Administration (FMLA)


Medical File Reviews

Why Nurse Case Management from IPMG?

The IPMG Case Management (CM) team can ensure that employees get back to work in the timeliest manner possible while avoiding unnecessary costs. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of registered nurses (RNS), board certified case managers, credentialed benefits and claims specialists, and a physician.

Our Case Management team provides the clinical clarity and depth of experience necessary to help our claims specialists properly manage difficult claims.  Additionally, where traditional Nurse Case Management (NCM) services may not be necessary, the IPMG NCM team can help make sure the most efficient and appropriate level of service is implemented.

Services and Specialized Programs:

  • Triage
  • Full case management
  • Absence management
  • Task based assignments
  • Disability case management (including STD)
  • Leave administration (FMLA)
  • Medical file reviews
  • IME scheduling and coordination
  • Consultation and resource
  • Telephonic workers’ compensation case management
  • Large case management
  • Disease management
  • Employee health management
  • Enhanced case management
  • Badge of Health™ program – specific to public entities
  • Short term disability administration
  • Leave administration (FMLA)
  • Additional services available

From the Patient

A letter sent to IPMG’s Clinical Field Service Director Kimberly Gaston, MD, DC, from police officer Jason, discussing the benefits of Enhanced Case Management:

“It’s not about the number on the scale. I could care less. It’s about how you feel. It’s the get-up-and-go-energy that brings you back to life.

Wow, my pants are getting loose, my shirt isn’t tight anymore. I just watched my belt go through their loops. You show up somewhere and someone says, ‘You look great.’ That hits the heart strings, but what they don’t know is that I feel better too.

Dr. Gaston, you are the first responder for me. Your patience and motivational power was exactly what I needed. Not wanted, needed. No amount of money or “thank you’s” could ever show my gratitude. You have provided me the tools for life and one of the greatest professions on earth.

I will continue this process and I have the knowledge to do it because of you. I owe you my life — the most precious thing we own.”

Read Jason’s story here>>

Learn How We Can Help

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