Nurse Case Management

Compassionate Care, Optimal Results

IPMG offers top-of-the-line nurse case management services that provide compassionate care and drive optimal outcomes for individuals and employers navigating complex healthcare situations. Our dedicated team of experienced nurse case managers combines medical excellence with a personalized approach to ensure the highest level of support and advocacy throughout the entire care journey.

Why Choose IPMG for Nurse Case Management?

Cost Optimization

We understand the financial impact of healthcare. Our nurse case managers are skilled in optimizing healthcare resources, identifying cost-effective alternatives, and ensuring appropriate utilization of services to minimize expenses without compromising quality care.

Clinical Excellence

Our nurse case managers are highly trained professionals with extensive clinical knowledge. They possess a deep understanding of medical conditions, treatment options, and healthcare systems, enabling clients and employers to navigate the complexities of care effectively.


We prioritize the well-being and individual needs of each patient. Our nurse case managers serve as compassionate advocates, working closely with patients, families, and healthcare providers to develop personalized care plans that address unique medical, emotional, and logistical challenges.

Collaborative Care Coordination

We believe in fostering collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the patient’s care. Our nurse case managers facilitate effective communication and coordination between healthcare providers, ensuring seamless transitions, timely interventions, and continuity of care. This ensures all parties are focused in the right direction.

Our Nurse Case Management Services


Full Case Management

Task-Based Assignments

Disability Case Management

Leave Administration

Medical File Reviews

IME Scheduling & Coordination

Consultation & Resource

Specialized Programs

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