Meet the Team

Paul Whiteside

Chief Information Officer

With over two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Paul has established himself as a technology leader committed to driving business outcomes. His journey has led him through various tech roles, ultimately serving as Chief Information Officer. His expertise lies in executing technology transformations that align closely with organizational goals, enhancing efficiency, and facilitating growth.

In his current role as CIO, Paul oversees a diverse portfolio of IT initiatives, from infrastructure upgrades to data strategy to application development. His approach is rooted in collaboration, ensuring that technology serves as an enabler across departments rather than a siloed function. Paul is passionate about leveraging the latest technological advancements to solve complex business challenges, always with an eye on the long-term vision.

Leadership for Paul extends beyond strategy and into team dynamics. Paul currently manages a multi-disciplinary team of developers, business analysts, and IT specialists. This blend of talents allows us to approach problems from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive solutions that resonate across the business. Paul’s management style prioritizes open communication, professional development, and a focus on delivering exceptional value, fostering a culture of excellence that empowers every team member to contribute their best.

Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications.