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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation


Workers’ compensation specialists understand the impact that serious injuries have on our clients and their employees. IPMG programs and solutions offer remedy and controls for each of our clients that are designed to address the cause, mitigate future exposures and improve the workplace environment for all employees. Each client’s operations will be assessed through analysis of workers’ compensation loss data, essential job function reviews and analysis of unique environmental characteristics in order to create a cooperative risk management action plan. 

Risk Management teams also implement programs to optimize the hiring process, avoid employee injury, monitor claims and improve outcomes.

Workers’ Compensation Services include:

  • The risk team aggressively pursues exposure mitigation through the application of engineering controls and procedural remedy.  Through a careful analysis of historical losses and industry trending, IPMG embeds controls that stop losses. 
  • Better management of the fundamental components of WC Best Practices:
    • RTW
    • Drug Testing
    • Hiring & Employment Practice
    • Industry Exposure Forecasting & Emerging Trends
    • Employee Health Management
    • Medical Network Review
  • Operations & Practice Surveys

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