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Regulatory & Liability Services

Regulatory & Liability Services


IPMG assists clients in developing programs, establishing policies and procedures, and implementing proactive strategies in order to protect their employees, those they serve, their operations, and their resources. Serving as a consultative partner, IPMG helps support overall operations and achieve organization results.

Regulatory & Liability services:

Long Term Care Liability Program

  • Best Practices — IPMG will help you develop and implement efficient care delivery systems, design an effective quality assurance process and optimize the balance between effort and outcome.
  • Survey Survival — Mock surveys are conducted by consultants whose recommendations will assist you correct deficient practices and minimize potential risk before your survey.
  • 24-7 Risk Management Hotline — Consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you when there is a serious accident, abuse allegation, elopement or avoidable clinical decline.
  • Leadership Development — IPMG’s DON Mentoring program provides newly hired, newly promoted or current DON with the opportunity to analyze and refine their management style and practices and learn to identify areas of risk and liability.
  • Immediate Notice Reporting — Consultants evaluate the potential risks, direct the investigation, guide communication and consult with defense counsel and claims professionals.
  • Onsite Visits — Visiting consultants evaluate general liability and auto exposures, create safety and quality committees, and assist with employee safety initiatives.
  • Limited Lift Program — This senior care program aims to reduce or eliminate caregiver injuries that result from manually transferring residents.

Public Entity Program

  • Employment Practice — 
    • Employee Handbook
    • Job Descriptions
    • Hiring & Terminating
    • Policy Review
    • Legal Update
  • OSHA
    • Survey
    • Reporting
    • Department of Labor
  • Law Enforcement —
    • Liability Policy and Procedures - Road and Jail
    • Agency Survey
    • Legal Updates
    • Internal Affairs
    • Online Training
    • Policy Development and Legal Review

Partnering with the Public Agency Training Council (PATC), IPMG offers law enforcement professional liability consulting that includes state-specific policy and procedures for road and jail operations. Additionally, regular training for legal updates and emerging trends provides law enforcement agencies with key resources for areas of operational liability. Areas of resource and asset delivery include:

  • Road and Jail Policy and Procedures, state-specific updates on any court ruling or activity
  • Yearly training on emerging trends and legal updates
  • Policy and Procedure Consulting & Practice Review
  • Agency Audit with final report Agency control

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