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Risk Management

Risk Management

Keep your risk manageable.

Risk Management isn’t just a clipboard and a checklist. IPMG’s risk management services have been designed to give organizations the type of operational support necessary to not only survive but thrive in today’s challenging economic and regulatory climate. Specializing in senior care and public entity consulting, IPMG assists a broad spectrum of clients in developing programs, establishing policies and procedures, and implementing proactive strategies geared towards maximizing client/customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, effective resource utilization and financial success.

IPMG’s team of consultants includes nationally recognized long term care, workers’ compensation and public entity experts who provide individualized consultation in the areas of:

  • Liability exposures
  • Liability claims-related medical records reviews and consultation with defense counsel
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Pre/post survey survival
  • Incident/risk management
  • Clinical and management operations evaluation
  • Leadership development
  • Financial management
  • Workers’ compensation

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