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Program Services

Program Management


On the front end, insurance programs require significant thought regarding program organization, coverage structure, underwriting and policy forms. Developing this material is no small task, but IPMG has the knowledge and experience to launch customized programs quickly and effectively. As program administrator, the IPMG team configures and secures the right insurance and reinsurance protection as well as claims handling and risk management services to ensure all programs are successful.


Underwriters play a role that goes beyond quoting. They often act as gatekeepers, charged with filtering the bad risks from the good to guarantee the right mix of insureds enter and stay in the program. In many new programs, IPMG underwriters will participate in the development of the rating model as well as writing the Underwriting Guidelines, the program document required by regulators and reinsurers alike. Reinsurers are particularly concerned with quality underwriting as their resources and profit are directly impacted, hence why they perform file audits on a regular basis.

The underwriters you choose represent your program to many constituencies. IPMG program underwriters have years of experience specific to the industries they serve and their expertise serves them well. Underwriters utilize objective and subjective methodology based upon specific underwriting guidelines for each program. They understand that the insurance programs we serve are very different than traditional commercial insurance products, and the relationship and approach must reflect this difference. With most of IPMG’s managed programs, the insureds and the owners are one and the same. As such, the selection process, relationships and service are all the more critical. 

Reinsurance Placement

Most self-insured individual and group programs purchase reinsurance to protect against the catastrophic and unfunded event. Although self-insureds naturally have a greater appetite for risk, most need some degree of certainty for maximum exposure; reinsurance can offer this.  Additionally, many regulators will not grant approval to a new program (or even an existing program) without reinsurance in place. The reinsurance market is highly specialized and often complicated.  An experienced reinsurance broker with the right connections is invaluable, especially as you look for carriers to partner with the long-term goals of your program. Through an in-house reinsurance intermediary, Broadvision Re, IPMG can assist in designing the coverage structure as well as the insurance placement. 

Claims Management

In many programs, the greatest amount of client contact exists between the insureds and the claims adjusters. As a result, the adjusters play a critical role not only in the administration of claims but also in customer satisfaction and confidence. Poor customer service will overshadow good claims handling almost every time, and programs will lose members because of it. Of course, the best combination is highly skilled claims adjusters with a firm grasp on the critical nature of customer service. Additionally, adjusters must understand the great difference between working for an insurance carrier and working on behalf of a member.

Most IPMG clients have a vested interest in the insurance program, and that requires a collaborative effort from the claims adjusters. IPMG’s claims management team provides claims handling expertise for all lines of coverage in the programs they manage and also performs Third Party Administration services on a stand-alone basis without the program management services.  IPMG understands our role in the success of your program and welcomes the opportunity to help you succeed.

Risk Management

Similar to claims adjusters, the risk managers have significant contact with the insureds, and the best managers often develop relationships as trusted advisors. Such strong relationships between the service provider and member are extremely beneficial to high retention rates for a program. IPMG’s risk management team delivers industry-specific loss prevention and cost containment services. Consultants are experts in their respective fields, delivering services that go far beyond the traditional “safety inspection” provided by many of the standard markets. Savvy insurance buyers understand premiums are ultimately driven by losses, which is why IPMG’s risk management services are so highly regarded.   

Regulatory Compliance

IPMG ensures that our self-insured (individual and group) clients satisfy their regulatory reporting requirements.  Positive relationships with insurance regulators are critical for the long-term success of a program.  Regulator trust is earned when company individuals operate with integrity and transparency, trademarks of the programs we service.     


IPMG has a vast agent network to which we distribute information and news of the programs we manage.  IPMG recognizes and appreciates the critical importance of the local insurance professionals.  Our goal is to provide products and services that allow them to do the best job they can in bringing solutions to their clients.  The programs we service are often the best insurance and risk management value on the market, and we make them available to the local agent.      

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