Meet the Team


Mike Miller is the Director of Healthcare for IPMG’s program management division. With 20 years as a licensed professional insurance agent, he has spent the last eleven years of his career dedicated entirely to serving the long-term care sector. Prior to joining IPMG, Mike worked for an international broker, focusing on program development locally and nationally. Mike has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in public relations and marketing and holds the designation of Associate in Captive Insurance- an industry curriculum designed for those in the Alternative Risk Transfer arena such as self-insurance, captives and risk retention groups

In 2001, IPMG began servicing the Life Service’s Network Workers’ Compensation Trust- a group self-insured program available to not for profit providers in Illinois. The LSN Trust is an assessable program and over time the dramatic rise in the severity of claims forced the program into Rehabilitation. The IL Department of Insurance, through the Office of the Special Deputy, retained IPMG to continue servicing the program. In 2004 IPMG guided the launch of the LSN Risk Retention Group (recently renamed to Trinity Risk Solutions RRG)- a group self-insured program designed to be the permanent solution for the Liability Insurance and Risk Management needs of Not for Profit senior care providers in IL- and potentially other states as well. With lessons learned from the Workers’ Compensation Trust, TRS has been a smashing success. All insureds of TRS are owners as they are required to contribute Capitalization in addition to premium. This capital contribution ensures all members have “skin in the game”- a vested interest in the long-term stability of the program. The members of TRS have enjoyed reliable coverage, stable premiums, exceptional risk management services and significant equity growth since the program’s inception. In fact, TRS has returned nearly $2 million of excess surplus back to the members since 2007.

In 2005 IPMG participated in the launch of the New York Healthcare Risk Retention Group. NYHC RRG is also a group self-insured program providing Liability insurance and Risk Management services to Senior Care organizations. Although the NY name might suggest the program is specific to New York state, in fact the program is approved to insure IL based Senior Care organizations as well. The NYHC RRG has been extremely successful and just recently added its first IL based insured.

As program manager, the healthcare unit is responsible for the overall operations of the self-insured groups. Duties include underwriting, marketing, program structure, reinsurance placement, policy issuance, regulatory compliance and oversight and recommendations of vendors, including risk management and claims management.