Insurance & Risk Management for Senior Care Providers

Insurance & Risk Management for Senior Care Providers

IPMG understands senior service providers require exceptional insurance and risk management services to protect their residents and employees in a heavily regulated and litigated environment.

IPMG’s senior care clients receive the support and necessary resources that make a difference. Whether through a member-owned Risk Retention Group or through traditional market options, IPMG will deliver the best fit for you and your client.

Service Highlights

Hard and Soft Market Solutions

Experts with Experience as Directors of Nursing, Administrators and Joint Commission Consultants

Member-Owned Options

Traditional Options

Risk Management Expertise

  • Provide health benefits to 50 or more employees
  • Want greater control over their health insurance premiums and claims
  • 24/7 Regulatory/Clinical/Liability Risk Management
  • Improving Documentation
  • Managing Family Expectations
  • Assistance with Department Public Health Reportables
  • Engagement Between Defense, Claims and Client Throughout Claims Process
  • Mock Surveys

Senior Care Claims Management Expertise

  • Senior level Claims Adjusters Specialized in Senior Care
  • Leading Defense Counsel in Senior Care Industry
  • Engagement with the Insured throughout Entire Claim Process

Who We Help

  • Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Home Healthcare and other Senior Care Providers
  • For Profit, Not for Profit and Governmental Entities
  • Stand-Alone and Multi-Site

Insurance Solutions

Member-Owned Options:

Trinity Risk Solutions (TRS), a Risk Retention Group: Since 2004, TRS has been a permanent insurance and risk management solution for not for profit and high quality for-profit providers. Consistent and competitive premiums, equity growth, meaningful risk management, interactive claims and defense management are the cornerstones of TRS.

New York Healthcare Risk Retention Group (NYHC): Launched in 2005, NYHC RRG has provided an insurance and risk management solution for mostly for-profit providers in NY and IL with access to other states as well.

Traditional Options:

IPMG’s reputation as experts in all aspects of senior care allows us access to the most competitive markets. Even better, these markets partner with IPMG Risk and Claims Management personnel, providing a comprehensive approach to insurance and risk management.

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