Employee Benefits Services

The Right Partner for the Right Solution

employee benefit services

For companies who self-fund or are considering self-funding their employee health insurance benefits program, who you partner with as your third-party claims administrator can make all the difference for your program’s success. Getting off the never-ending cycle of year-in, year-out premium increases and moving to self-funding your benefits program has become the right solution.

IPMG’s Employee Benefits Services division is the right partner for the right solution.

Service highlights

Medical, Dental and Vision Claims Administration

Nurse Case Management

Health & Wellbeing Program Development and Management

HIPPA and Compliance Support



Our commitment to your program’s success is the primary factor that motivates each member of your IPMG service team to go above and beyond in their day-to-day servicing of your program. 


Over the years, IPMG’s ability to deliver to our self-funded benefits clients has greatly depended on creativity, responsiveness and having the resources necessary to bring impactful change. That is why we built IPMG as a full service third party administrator.

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IPMG welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with the professional insurance agent/broker
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