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In-Sight Integrated Workers' Compensation & Employee Benefits



In-Sight builds a bridge spanning the gap between Workers' Compensation and Employee Health Benefits -- bringing together these traditionally separate and independent systems into one efficient and effective platform.

How In-Sight is Changing the Game

In-Sight is the first fully integrated Workers’ Compensation and Employee Benefits platform. This is a solution designed to address the fundamental flaws of the current system that takes a reactive approach to illness and injury. In-Sight partners with you to serve as a single point of entry for all employee-related claims, allowing us to manage the full scope of the employee wellness experience.

How In-Sight Can Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Employees' Health

  • Reduction in costs relating to administrative oversight
  • Reduction in duplicate claims & avoidable expenses
  • Ability to identify chronic health issues before they become problems
  • Improved employee health and morale
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

Features of the In-Sight Platform

In-Sight combines the people, resources, data and systems necessary to effectively manage and engage your workforce at every level of their health experience. Rather than having separate entry points for claims, multiple Nurse Case Managers and different data sources, In-Sight streamlines the process by providing one partner with the team of integrated specialists to manage all claims and issues through a single entry point.

Are You Ready to Change the Game?

If you're ready for more efficiently managed Workers' Compensation and Employee Benefits programs, reduced claims spending and healthier employees, we'd love to talk.

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