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What do Workers' Compensation, Employee Benefits and Absence Management administration have to do with each other?


Workers' Compensation, Employee Benefits and Absence Management administration have traditionally functioned independently, resulting in a disjointed and reactive approach to illness, injury and employee productivity.

What if these programs could work as one?

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IPMG In-Sight Mission Statement:

We believe in helping employees live their best lives. When best lives happen, employees engage and people, families, communities and organizations flourish. We've built In-Sight to help make this happen. 

One service platform for all employee health, injury, absence and engagement activity

  • One Integrated Team of Specialists for Total Health Management Coordination
    • Integrated Claims Coordinator 
    • Coordination between Workers' Compensation and Group Health Adjustors 
    • Integration of STD, LTD, FMLA and Sick Leave 
    • In-house Nurse Case Management team 
  • One Technology Platform 
    • Robust analytics engine 
    • Comprehensive and real-time client dashboard 
    • Ad hoc reporting 
  • One Fully Comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Approach 
    • Health Management team 
    • Risk Management team 
    • Healthy workplace implementation team
    • Employee engagement platform

What's driving Workers' Compensation costs? 

In most cases, it's not the injury. 

It's all the other "stuff" (we call comorbidites), like diabetes, depression, obesity and other major health conditions. 

So, we built In-Sight


A Partnership to Improve the Health of Your Business & Employees

Minimize Risk of Illness & Injury

In-Sight expands the traditional employee wellness model into a true, comprehensive Workforce Health Management approach. Rather than addressing one or two areas of employee health, In-Sight brings wellness, safety and disease management plans together to minimize risk of illness and injury.

Improve Employee Health

In-Sight takes a proactive approach to keep your healthy employees healthy, while improving the health of your high and moderate risk employees. The result is a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Maximize Employee Productivity

Healthy employees are productive employees. In-Sight will help your employees achieve and maintain wellness, thus reducing absenteeism and presenteeism stemming from health issues.

Avoid Duplicate Claims & Redundant Expenses

Many employee health conditions result in claims being submitted under both Workers' Compensation and Group Health. In-Sight’s single platform identifies duplicate claims and leverages a single service team to eliminate duplicate administrative expenses.

Identify Chronic Conditions Impactful to Both Workers' Comp & Employee Benefits

In-Sight’s powerful analytics platform identifies costly conditions and behaviors within the workforce so they can be addressed before they become serious problems.  



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IPMG's Definition of Integrated: Bringing together workers' compensation, employee benefits, absence management and health and wellbeing - systems that have traditionally operated independent of each other.    
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