Meet the Team


Mark Bell, Public Entity Team Director for the Insurance Program Managers Group, was a licensed and practicing physical therapist from 1993 until 2005. During this time, Mark realized that he wanted to focus on the prevention of work-related injuries, and the unfortunate and sometimes permanent pain and suffering associated with them. Thus, in 2005, Mark moved from healthcare to a loss prevention position with a monoline workers’ compensation insurance carrier that administered workers’ compensation insurance exclusively to long-term care facilities in several states, including Illinois. In 2009, Mark moved into an injury prevention and ergonomic consulting role for a large, national therapy provider. From 2005 onward Mark was able to effectively implement safety and injury prevention programs incorporating OSHA compliance, work practice controls, policy / procedure controls, environmental modifications, and engineering controls. These, combined with hiring controls and customized employee injury prevention education and training programs proved to be a very comprehensive and effective approach to reducing injuries, and the adverse financial and psychosocial impact of injuries on the organization and individual, respectively.

In 2012, Mark started with IPMG as a risk management consultant, working with Illinois public entities that are part of a large and growing Illinois public entity insurance pool administered by IPMG, the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust. During this time, Mark expanded his risk management and insurance knowledge to coverage lines beyond workers’ compensation.  In 2020 Markwas promoted to the Public Entity Team Director position, responsible for overseeing daily operations of the risk management team that services ICRMT members. Mark is also responsible for and involved in the ongoing refining and expansion of risk management program and services to ICRMT members. In addition, he trains and mentors new and current risk management consultants while continuing to provide risk management services to Illinois public entities, and a number of standalone clients as well .